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Extreme Hardship Letter

Writing a letter of extreme hardship for a waiver application (Forms I-601A, I-601, and I-212) for USCIS requires attention to detail. In this letter, it is crucial to lay out the adversities and difficulties faced or would be faced by the qualified relative, whether a resident or citizen of the United States.

​Expressing this information effectively and efficiently is essential for immigration officers to understand your situation and become convinced of the extent of your suffering. Lack of clarity in explaining your suffering can have a significant negative impact on the decision of your waiver application.


​Some specific factors to demonstrate this kind of adversity in relation to qualified family members include, among others, the following aspects:​​

  • Health status and medical vulnerabilities

  • Family ties in the United States

  • Hazardous conditions in the applicant's country of origin

  • Debts in the United States

  • Finances

  • Employment

  • Education (if applicable)​

Our specialization lies in the writing of letters. When choosing our services, we will schedule a telephone interview to obtain the necessary information to write your letters professionally and effectively.


During this interview, we will complete a questionnaire that will cover information from both the qualifying relative and the beneficiary. It is extremely important to explain in detail employment, finances, debts, medical problems, legal background, ties in the United States, education, among other aspects.


Our primary focus is to write a strong, persuasive letter that demonstrates in detail how separation would have a significant impact on the life and well-being of the qualifying relative in the United States.


With more than 20 years of experience, we are committed to offering you a quality service. We allow our extensive experience to write your letter, providing you with the peace of mind you need during this process!​

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