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Professional Guide to Perform Certified Translations for Immigration

Document Translations

The translation of documents for immigration processes is an essential part of guaranteeing the success of your application. Here we offer you a detailed and professional guide on how to complete certified translations for immigration:

Step 1: Hire a Professional Translator

The first and most important stage is to ensure that the translator is competent in the source and target language. Certification is essential for translations to be accepted by immigration authorities.

Step 2: Obtain a Copy of the Original Document

You must have a legible and complete copy of the original document that you need to translate. Make sure it is a true copy of the original document, including seals, signatures and any other important details.

Step 3: Perform the Translation Accurately

The translator will carry out the translation of the original document into the required language. It is crucial that the translation is accurate and complete, maintaining the authenticity and original format of the document.

Step 4: Include a Certification Statement

The translation must be accompanied by a certification statement. This statement must include a statement that the translator is competent in both languages and that the translation is accurate and complete. In addition, the signature and contact information of the translator must be included.

Step 5: Notarization (If Necessary)

In some cases, it is necessary for the certified translation to be notarized. Consult the guidelines of the receiving entity or immigration agency to determine if this step is required.

Step 6: Prepare Copies of Documents

Make copies of both the original document and the certified translation. This is important to maintain records and present them as necessary during the immigration process.

Step 7: Present the Translation

Include the certified translation along with the original document in your immigration application. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines of the immigration agency you are applying to.

Step 8: Keep a Record

Keep a copy of all documents, including the certified translation and the certification statement, in your personal file. This may be useful in case of future queries or documentation needs.

At Cartas y Traduciones Para Inmigración (Letters and Translations for Immigration), we are committed to providing you with services of professional and accurate certified translations for your immigration needs. Contact us today (+1-214-444-7680) and let our translators help you successfully overcome the translation challenges in your immigration process.


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