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Mujer trabajando en la redacción de una carta de dificultad extrema para asuntos de inmigración

Our services specialize in letter writing and document translations for immigration matters.

Our dedicated team specializes in writing various types of letters,










With our commitment to excellence and detail, you can trust us to deliver high quality letter writing and document translation that help you achieve goals! 

  • Extreme Hardship

  • Recommendation

  • Good Moral Character

  • VAWA

  • U-Visa

  • Asylum

  • Cancellation of Removal

  • Humanitarian Parole

  • Letter of Consent to Travel

We also offer certified document translations. With over 20 years of experience, we deeply understand the significance of each letter. Our priority is to ensure accuracy and detail in every letter we write, empowering you to submit a strong letter to your attorney and immigration officers.


Based on the information you provide us; we offer you personalized advice for your letters. This may include identifying the type of letter needed, as well as document translations.


After we complete the writing of your letter(s), we give them to you for review. We value your opinion and work with you to make any modifications, ensuring your full satisfaction.


Our office will arrange a phone appointment to gather all the necessary information required for writing your immigration letter. Following this, our team will write your letter.


Once you are satisfied with the content, we finalize the letters and provide them to you in PDF and Word format, and within the agreed deadlines.

Green Card US Permanent resident card US

To do so, you need the 13-digit receipt number. You can locate this number in the previous notices USCIS has sent you regarding your case.

Form AR-11 Alien’s Change of Address Card _

Required information includes:

  • Receipt number

  • Previous and current address

  • Email address


Extreme Hardship Letter:

When writing a letter, you must explain why the approval of your application is necessary. Below, you can find important Factors and Considerations for Extreme Hardship Letters:

  • Family Ties and Impact

  • Ties in the United States

  • Social and Cultural Impact

  • Economic Impact

  • Current debts

  • Health issues and care

  • Country Conditions

Recommendation Letter:

Demonstrate Beneficiary's good moral character. It is important to include:

  • Name, Address, and Legal Status in the USA

  • Your relationship to the Beneficiary

  • Detail how you know each other and why you think that immigration should approve their case.

  • Detail Beneficiary's positive impact on the Qualifying Relative's Life and the need for their presence.

  • How would the Qualifying Relative be affected without the Beneficiary.

 Document Translations:

Documents in Spanish filed with USCIS are required to include an English translation and have a valid certification.

Translation Certification (Example)

I, [Name of Translator], certify that I am proficient in the languages [Original Language] and [Language of Translation] and that the following translation is a faithful and accurate translation of the original document in [Original Language].

Signature: _______________

Date: ___________________

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Our languages for Letter Writing and Document Translation



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